Internet Auctions for Newspapers.

  • Online auctions: a new revenue stream for your newspaper.
  • Your advertisers provide items (goods and services) in exchange for advertising credits when an item sells.
  • People in your community bid on items on your auction website -- powered by AuctionPress from Arista Technologies.
  • Bidders get high quality items at great prices, your advertisers get an advertising credit, and your newspaper collects the cash!
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Web Sites

  • Let us build, update, or enhance your web site.
  • Web presence for your business/organization: $600 for a one-page site.
  • Brochure sites.
  • Web databases.
  • Credit card transactions.
  • Web front ends to internal systems.
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Classified Ads & eBay-Style Auctions

  • Add excitement to your newspaper's web site with eBay-style auctions.
  • Mix auction items and classified ads.
  • No software for you to install and maintain.
  • You control the price schedule.
  • You control the look of the site.
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PHP and MySQL Programming

  • We build web sites and apps using PHP with a MySQL backend.
  • Our newspaper event auction service is written in PHP/MySQL.
  • Our classified ad/ebay-style auction service is written in PHP/MySQL.
  • Let us build a custom solution - large or small - for you.

Decades of Experience

  • Writing code and building systems for four decades.
  • Experience with multiple platforms, languages, and databases.
  • Customers in the US and in Europe.
  • Clients include newspapers, schools, professional societies, etc.
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